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TESTIMONIAL by Johnny Vidulin (Google)
Johnny Vidulin

5 Star Review We interviewed 4 dominant Gold Coast agencies for the recent sale of Mums home before selecting Monty. His targeted approach was ultimately what achieved a result well above our expectations. The additional social media and video content drove significant numbers through each open home - removing all doubts that our decision was wise. He is a man that operates with an high level of trust and communication - every step of the way we knew what was going on and how we were travelling with buyers, contacts and offers. I have no hesitation in recommending Monty he’s simply ahead of the others by a significant amount in the way he markets property. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Johnny Vidulin

TESTIMONIAL by Ling (Rate My Agent)

5 Star Review Super good Buying experience. Monty is awesome and knowledgeable. He gave us very previous suggestions in purchasing the property. Thank you Monty. 💥💥 Verified by Rate My Agent Ling

TESTIMONIAL by Brennan (Google)
Brennan (Evolve Fitness)

5 Star Review Had the pleasure of working with Monty advertising and promoting our business. Such a wonderful down to earth individual with a wealth of local knowledge. Highly recommend Monty for all your Real estate needs. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Brennan


5 Star Review   Monty from Easy Agent is brilliant at what he does. He has extensive knowledge in the Real Estate industry and achieved an outstanding result when I asked him to sell my property. I highly recommend Easy Agent. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified A. B

TESTIMONIAL by Kylie Matthews (Rate My Agent)
Kylie Matthews

5 Star Review Got the job done!!! We Can’t say or thank Monty enough for his time and professionalism while selling our property. He had the place sold before the open house but kept showing the property to people incase the sale fell thru. Not only did he sell it quickly he sold it for above asking price.  He helped with everything from start to finish or we had to do was sit back and wait for the money to go into our account. We highly recommend Monty to anyone wanting a quick and easy sale 💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgent

TESTIMONIAL by Daniel (Rate My Agent)

5 Star Review Knowledgeable and easy to communicate with, Monty was a great agent who was knowledgeable and easy to communicate which made it alot less stressful for us as buyers. 💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgent

TESTIMONIAL by Paul (Rate My Agent)

5 Star Review Excellent Sale Result I had been working with Monty on this sale for over 12 months. Finally when sold we got the asking price. Managing and communicating with Monty over distance was not a problem. Monty did a lot behind the scenes work to get the property to market and then achieved a successful result. 💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgent

TESTIMONIAL by Minette Love (Rate My Agent)
Minette Love

5 Star Review A true professional This is the second home Monty has sold for me.  On both occasions it has been his property preparation support, market knowledge and vendor follow up that has secured the sale on both occasions.  I absolutely do not hesitate to recommend Monty as an agent. He is professional and a gentleman to boot. You cannot go wrong getting him on board. 💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgentV

TESTIMONIAL by Naomi (Rate My Agent)

5 Star Review Highly recommended Monty sold my late mum's house quite quickly. Very professional. Highly recommended.  💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgent

TESTIMONIAL by Lona (Rate My Agent)

5 Star Review Very Professional Monty was very pleasant and easy to deal with, professional service.  Sold our house in super speedy time., which took out the stress of waiting for a sale, which can take months. Good communication and transparency. Thankyou Monty 💥💥 Verified by RateMyAgent

TESTIMONIAL by Anni Harris (Google)
Anni Harris

5 Star Review Monty took all of the stress out of selling my property. Highly recommend. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Anni Harris

TESTIMONIAL by Stephen Neate (Google)
Stephen Neate

5 Star Review Have a great deal of faith in Monty that has been earned over the years. He has always followed through on what he says. Would recommend him and his services to all. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Stephen Neate

TESTIMONIAL by Sharlene Pearce (Google)
Sharlene Pearce

5 Star Review Monty is different from other agents because he's down to earth, personable and doesn't sugarcoat things. He's direct and that's good because you know where you stand with him. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Sharlene Pearce

TESTIMONIAL by Tavis (Google)

5 Star Review Down to earth bloke with a great attitude and always willing to go that extra mile for his clients. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Tavis

TESTIMONIAL by Gurpreet Jandu (Google)
Gurpreet Jandu

5 Star Review Best agent in town. He knows his work and expertise in hi field. Highly recommended 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Gurpreet Jandu

TESTIMONIAL by Richard Anthony (Google)
Richard Anthony

5 Star Review Monty is the best in the business :) Would not use anyone else when it comes to real estate 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Richard Anthony

TESTIMONIAL by Liam Mcilwee (Google)
Liam Mcilwee

5 Star Review Very happy with my interactions and how professional and helpful Monty was over the whole process. Will certainly refer Monty to friends, was very easy to deal with. Thank you 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Liam Mcilwee

TESTIMONIAL by Rick Harcom (Google)
Rick Harcom

5 Star Review Having worked alongside Monty to get the best for vendors and buyers though good old fashioned service I can’t recommend him enough. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Rick Harcom

TESTIMONIAL by Bradley Wallis (Google)
Bradley Wallis

5 Star Review I have dealt with Monty several times now and have only had great experiences. Highly recommend. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Bradley Wallis

TESTIMONIAL by Michael Rodden (Google)
Michael Rodden

5 Star Review Genuine and real estate agent don’t often go in the same sentence, but Monty Van Dyk is a cut above the rest. I’m a mortgage broker and from the first time meeting Monty he has gone above and beyond again and again. Every time one of my clients need to sell I send them to him and they all have raving reviews. If a high quality genuine agent that brings in consistent results again and again is a must, Monty Van Dyk is the only choice. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Michael Rodden

TESTIMONIAL by Preeti Kainth (Google)
Preeti Kainth

5 Star Review Monty — really genuine person with excellent experience in real estate development, very kind act of helping local businesses in ormeau. Keep this good work up 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Preeti Kainth

TESTIMONIAL by Danny Koning (Google)
Danny Koning

5 Star Review I found Monty to be a truly Professional agent with his clients best interests first and foremost in mind. Highly recommend. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Danny Koning

TESTIMONIAL by Ben Gawley (Google)
Ben Gawley

5 Star Review I have had the pleasure of working with Monty on several occasions now, and I can honestly say he is a genuine, honest, gentleman. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Ben Gawley

TESTIMONIAL by Ahmed Jahangir (Google)
Ahmed Jahangir

5 Star Review A genuine bloke. It's always a pleasure working with great minds like Monty. He can make everyone's life a bliss with his amazing personality and attitude. Looking forward to work with you in the coming years as well. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Ahmed Jahangir

TESTIMONIAL by Paul Ketelaar (Google)
Paul Ketelaar

5 Star Review Monty will move into 2024 after a succesful year in 2023. I engaged Monty to sell the Ketelaar family home that was part of the estate of my deceased mother. After several months of discussion that started in May of 2022, Monty's hard work and expertise got it to market in June of 2023, with a successful and satisfying settlement at the end of July. Monty used his expertise and professionality to do lot of back room type work to make the sale a success. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Paul Ketelaar

TESTIMONIAL by Adam Broadhurst (Google)
Adam Broadhurst

5 Star Review I've worked closely with Monty on many occasions and I can honestly say he is very professional and he's also by far the most honest real estate agent I've ever come across. The man is also a genius and knows how to get the most out of properties. I highly recommend Monty for anyone wishing to sell their property. 💥💥 Google By Business Verified Adam Broadhurst

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