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Flowers sell Ormeau homes!


Incorporating flowers into your home staging process can greatly boost its allure and appeal. Partnering with an Ormeau-based florist is a smart move to achieve this goal. Such a florist can offer invaluable guidance on choosing the most suitable flowers for various home areas, considering aspects like color coordination, scent, and what's in season. Below is a detailed guide on effectively utilizing flowers to heighten your home's charm:


Front Entrance

Your home's entrance is the initial point of interaction for prospective buyers. Beautifying it with stunning flowers can make a memorable impact. Seek advice from an Ormeau florist for seasonal plants that can be bedded in the front garden. Or, for a refined touch, consider placing elegant potted plants by the doorway. The florist might recommend attractive, easy-care options, ideal for busy homeowners on the market.


Living Room

As the heart of most homes, the living room's ambiance can be greatly enhanced with fresh flowers. Choose a vase that complements the decor and fill it with blooms that match the room's color scheme and style. Bright tulips or classy lilies can inject energy and color into the space.


Dining Room

A floral arrangement on the dining table can transform the dining room's atmosphere. Your florist can craft a unique centerpiece that’s stylish without being overpowering. Consider classic flowers like peonies, roses, or hydrangeas to add a touch of sophistication.



Small potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers can make the kitchen feel cozy and well-maintained. The florist may suggest using herbs or edible flowers, serving both as decor and practical kitchen components. Vibrant sunflowers or lively daisies can add a cheerful element.



Placing a small vase of flowers in the bathroom can turn it into a more luxurious space. Opt for flowers that thrive in humid conditions and are resilient, like orchids or peace lilies, to create a spa-like vibe.



Fresh flowers in the bedroom can foster a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. The florist may recommend gentle blooms like lavender or chamomile, known for their relaxing qualities, ideal for a restful space.


Backyard or Patio

In outdoor areas, potted plants or flower beds can beautify and add character. The florist can suggest plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and hardy, suitable for local weather conditions. Flowering shrubs or perennials can add diverse colors and textures.


Open House or Showings

Displaying fresh flowers during open houses or showings can significantly boost the home's overall appeal. Florists can provide arrangements that are visually appealing and fragrant, creating a welcoming environment for viewers.


Photographs for Listings

Including flowers in listing photographs can make spaces look more inviting. Florists can offer arrangements that are photogenic, ensuring the flowers look as attractive in photos as in real life.


Staging Areas

Flowers can enliven staged rooms with color and natural elements, making them appear more homely and attractive. Florists can supply unique arrangements that highlight key features of your home.


Partnering with an Ormeau Florist

Engaging with a local Ormeau florist comes with numerous benefits. They can offer customized service and suggestions, ensuring your flower choices harmonize with your home. Their knowledge of seasonal availability means you can access fresh, local blooms, supporting sustainability and the community.



The secret to effective floral use is balance – enhancing, not overpowering, your space. The right choice and placement of flowers can create a warm, inviting, and luxurious atmosphere, making your home more attractive to buyers. A local Ormeau florist is an essential ally in this, providing expert advice and beautiful arrangements suited to your home's specific needs.


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